20kg Bucket

Joint-It Simple is a water permeable, cement-free, ready-mixed paving jointing compound made from a mixture of specialist, non-hazardous, sands and glues.


  • Ready-to-use
  • Quick-drying
  • Apply in wet or dry weather
  • Weed Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Power-washer Resistant

This product was created to give a long-lasting wet look to your natural stone paving and internal tiles. It is a premium solvent-based, penetrating sealer which will enhance the look of your stone without changing the texture, i.e. it will not make the material slippery. Colour intensifier not only enhances the colour but is also a sealer providing protection from common staining.

1 ltr

Stontex Rust Remover is ph neutral and is suitable for cleaning all types of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Removes rust and rust discolouration from acid sensitive stone.

Suitable for internal and external use.

25kg Bag

1 bag = 2-3 msq for stick on stone

Based on advanced MS Polymer technology we have created a high performance adhesive which is also suitable for jointing externally and internally,
stays permanently elastic, does not shrink, sag or stain.
Developed to match the colour of most popular natural stone and other building materials.

15kg Bucket

Covers 8msq (depending on width of joint)

Joint Tec is a ready to use, brush in, pavement jointing compound. It is suitable for use in pavement slabs, flags, natural stone, cobbles and setts.

It sets hard and won't wash out, whilst remaining water permeable. It is suitable for joints of minimum 20mm deep and 5mm wide.

Fast and easy to use, it can be applied in all weather conditions, even in the rain.


  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Fast and easy application as a brush in product
  • Highly water permeable
  • For joints over 5mm wide and 20mm deep
  • Can be applied in all weather conditions
  • Weed / Frost resistant


This is a market-leading safe acid, used for removing grout film, lime mortar and cement residue from surfaces, both internal and external. Cement Away can also be used to remove efflorescence encrusted / ingrained dirt plus lime scale / calcium deposits.

Cement Away is ideally suited for use on acid-resistant surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain but can also be used on brick, clay, concrete paving and most natural stones.

5 ltr

Stontex All in One Cleaner is a fast acting moss, algae and lichen stain remover for sandstone, limestone and other types of stone and concrete.

5 ltr

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, Innovative cleaner specially designed for hard to

reach areas ie Cladding and Roofing. Spray on and walk away will clear algae -

moss within 21 days and continue to work for up to 12 months. Suitable for
tarmacadam. Can be used on all types of natural stone, garden furniture, decking and glasshouses.

Stontex Platinium Stone Sealer helps protect natural stone paving, tiles and brick from oil and water-based staining. This sealer will also help make ongoing maintenance and cleaning much easier.

It is water-based and odourless, and it penetrates while retaining the existing colour of the stone, tile or brick.

It is ideal for use outside but also internally in a confined space as there is no smell. Even though this sealer is water-based, it has a very high active ingredient content so the treated surface should be protected for between 2-5 years depending on wear and tear.

15 year protection

High performance, ethanol based impregnating sealer for natural stone. Can be used on interior and external surfaces and is unique with moisture tolerant properties. Dries extremely quickly even if the stone is slightly damp and initially cures within a few hours. Very popular with the trade as an external paving sealer as it is quick and easy to use with both oil and water based stain resistance. Coverage rate 10 to 15sqm per liter depending on the porosity of the material and can be applied to most porous surfaces ie stone, brick, concrete and render.

5 ltr

Stontex Paver Plus is a high performance outdoor sealer for concrete paving,
driveways and paths. The treated surface will have matt finish and the natural
colors of the concrete paving will be enhanced.

• suitable for new and existing concrete and clay block paving
• stabilizes the joining sand and enhances the appearance of the paving
• inhibits weed growth and protects against oil staining
• excellent resistance to UV damage and moisture clouding


This is a specially-formulated penetrating cleaner for the removal and the dissolving of oil, grease and even commercial hydraulic oil.

Oil Patch Remover comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle and it is suitable and safe to use externally on natural stone and concrete paving. This is a spot cleaner, so ideally you would deep clean your paving first with our All in One Outdoor Cleaner as this will highlight for you where the oil spots are.